Feedback Analysis — What I Learned


Feedback Analysis is a method to write down what we expect a decision of ours will lead to, in 6–9 months or more. It helps review and compare actual outcomes with ideas and plans.

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Peter Drucker wrote the first version of the Managing Oneself classic article in Harvard Business Review in 1999. It contains a brief expression of Feedback Analysis, I struggled to figure out the details based on the brief account in his article and had to search for more and get to know more.

Turns out, to apply Feedback Analysis is not that hard. The key is to self-monitor well enough to know when we are about to make a key decision. Once we do, we need to be conscious enough to write the decision down, and our expectations of it. To review at a later date.

My journey with Feedback Analysis

About five years ago, on December 15, I made my first Feedback Analysis entry on a plain sheet of paper. It was about how I would implement keystone habits in the coming months: to work out twice weekly, manage all work tasks through my todo list, plan on weekly basis, and review progress daily. A good list of habits it seems.

I managed to duly follow up come July the following year, as planned. I wrote a note about how it went as well. Were my keystone habits the wished for smashing success by July? No, not even close — it took a few more years to reign them in, and I still struggle with them occasionally, as I think many of us do.

What I learned

What I did learn though, was that the act of recording the decision and reflecting upon it later was powerful. Reflecting upon a vision of the future at a later date continues to light me up, years later. Back then, I made another decision, to continue the journey, and expand upon the practice, and I learned a lot about myself and my journey through it and expect to continue the practice for a long time.

Most of all, Feedback Analysis became a tool to avoid to repeat bad decisions.

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