NBF//Sweden summary: Marco Bertini and The Ends Game


This is a summary of The “Ends” Game speech by Marco Bertini at Nordic Business Forum Sweden 2019.

These are notes taken during the speech with only very light editing, do expect some mistakes and grammatical errors.

The “Ends” Game

What are my customers literally paying for? If they are paying for anything else than the outcome, you have waste. Waste means opportunities, for you, or someone else. New question for the 3rd customer data wave: How can we measure outcomes to increase efficiencies in the markets with a better outcome/asset for us and customers?

Marco Bertini on stage

Waste comes from many sources, and subscriptions is key for many markets, to solve different kinds of inefficiencies, by tackling more and more of the exchange:


  • Too expensive to own. Subscribe to the asset instead.


  • Not readily available items become available


  • Hassle to consume or buy • Outcomes
  • Pay for amount of ours played games, or pay per dishmashine wash (and a better machine)
  • Tractor sharing model - consumption efficiency
  • Make money from outcomes rather than assets.


  • Tesla Network. Share the care to make more value from assets.
  • Correct rock size in mines rather than dynamite blast kg.


  • Aligned incentives between value providers and customers for better outcomes for both. Shared benefit. More efficiency.
  • Medecin from value provided. By response/outcome from patients. PRM. All stakeholders involved and sharing value from working medicine.
  • Pay per laugh. 10-30 cents per laughs, with a max number of laughs to pay for, increased revenue. Or pay per WTF?

How can we measure outcomes to increase efficiencies in the markets with a better outcome/asset?

There is a risk to shift to measure and focus on the 3rd wave of data; from customer needs and journeys, to consumption and outcomes. It is that customers need to act in outcome-centric ways.

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